Public Roadmap and Monthly Releases

David T. Sadler


To help keep you informed and up to date I have been working on few things that I can now announce.

Public Roadmap

What I hope will be of the most use to you is that the roadmap for the SDK is now available as a public Trello board. This aims to be the go-to place where you can see what features I'm currently working on. A guide to how the roadmap works is available but to summarise the features move from left to right until they are released. The great thing about using a Trello board is that it gives you the chance to vote on upcoming features. I hope you make use of this as it will aid in prioritising what to work on.

Monthly Releases

As I progress with the development of the SDK it is important that versions are released in a consistent manor. Therefore it has been decided that there will be two release cycles.

  • A new version will be released when the SDK is required to be updated due to a new API been released by eBay. These updates will be applied to current code base and will not introduce any new features or bug fixes. These updates will result in a new version number and will normally be released a few days after the latest API is made available.
  • During the first weekend of each month any completed features and fixes will be bundled together in a new release. The roadmap and dedicated Github milestone will inform you as to what to expect in a release and as always the CHANGELOG will be updated. In the event that an API release coincides with a monthly release I will combine them into a single monthly release.


Last but not least is the very blog that you are reading. I hope to use this as a way of informing you of upcoming features that may be of interest. The idea is that the blog can be used to go into more depth about a feature than the roadmap can. A RSS feed is available should you wish to subscribe.