Announcing Manual Installation of the SDK

David T. Sadler


I am pleased to announce that it is now possible to manually install the SDK. While I will always recommend that you use Composer in your projects, you now have the choice of installing via a Phar or Zip archive. Each file contains all the classes and dependencies you need to run the SDK and what's more you can download them directly from Github each time there is a new release. The Installation section of the User Guide contains more information on how to use these new methods.

Using a Phar or Zip is great if you:

  • Don't want to or cannot use Composer.
  • Are unable to use Phar files due to limitations in your project's environment.
  • Want to pick and choose specific files from the SDK.

If you are interested in creating Phar or Zip files for your own projects I definitely recommend using Burgomaster to simplify the process as it can be used to:

  1. Easily create a staging directory for your package.
  2. Build a class-map autoloader of all of your PHP files.
  3. Create a zip file containing your project, its dependencies, and an autoloader.
  4. Create a phar file that contains all of your project's dependencies and registers an autoloader when it's loaded.
Burgomaster README

I think manual installation is a good step forward for the SDK and I hope it helps.