Ongoing SDK development

David T. Sadler


Since the version 1.0.0 milestone has been reached I would like to share a few upcoming plans for the SDK.

Named Releases

Now that the SDK follows strict Semantic Versioning I will be making use of Named Releases for future updates. The idea is that new features and code improvements will only be included in these Named Releases. Major fixes, security patches, and changes due to the eBay API will continue to be released as before. Named releases are currently scheduled every 3 months and can be found on the Roadmap. Each release will have it's own page containing information on what to expect.


This is the first Named Release and is due on the 6th June 2016. As of the time of writing this post the release is aiming to include one new major feature that will allow asynchronous requests with the SDK. I'm personally excited about this as it was something that I wanted to implement for the 1.0.0 release, but was unable to do so due to lack of time. More information about this release can be found on the SDK Wiki.


For anyone who is interested in contributing code for the SDK, a guide is currently been written explaining what is required from a pull request so that it will be accepted into the project. I'm hoping this guide will be released over the next few days.