By using promises the eBay SDK for PHP enables asynchronous workflows to be used in your projects. Requests to the API can be done concurrently. The promise specification used by the SDK is Promises/A+.

Promises in the SDK

A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. The usual way of interacting with a promise is through it's then method. Callbacks registered via this method will receive either the eventual value or the reason why the promises was not fulfilled.

The SDK makes use of guzzlehttp/promises for implementing it's promises. Guzzle promises provide blocking and non-blocking workflows and can be used with any non-blocking event loop.

Using Promises

A promise is returned whenever you call an operation with Async appended to the method name.

use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Services;
use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Types;

$service = new Services\ShoppingService();

$promise = $service->geteBayTimeAsync(new Types\GeteBayTimeRequestType());

    function ($response) {
        printf("The official eBay time is: %s\n", $response->Timestamp->format('H:i (\G\M\T) \o\n l jS F Y'));
    function ($reason) {
        printf("An error occurred: %s\n", $reason->getMessage());

Executing concurrent requests

Multiple requests can be composed together and executed concurrently.

use \DTS\eBaySDK\Sdk;
use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Types as Shopping;
use \DTS\eBaySDK\Trading\Types as Trading;

$sdk = new Sdk([
    'authToken' => '<AUTH TOKEN>',
    'siteId'    => 0

$shopping = $sdk->createShopping();
$trading = $sdk->createTrading();

$promises = [
    'shopping' => $shopping->geteBayTimeAsync(new Shopping\GeteBayTimeRequestType()),
    'trading'  => $trading->getItemAsync(new Trading\GetItemRequestType(['ItemID' => '12345678'])),

 * Wait on all promises to complete.
$results = Promise\unwrap($promises);

    $results['shopping']->Timestamp->format('H:i (\G\M\T) \o\n l jS F Y'),

Chaining Promises

By chaining then callbacks with other then callbacks it's possible to create a transformation pipeline.

use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Services;
use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Types;

$service = new Services\ShoppingService();

$promise = $service->getSingleItemAsync(new Types\GetSingleItemRequestType(['ItemID' => '12345678']));

$promise->then(function ($response) {
    return $response->Item;
})->then(function ($item) {
    printf("%s\n", $item->Title);

Synchronous Promises

You can force any promise to complete synchronously by calling the wait method. If an exception is encountered during the calling of the wait method, the promise is rejected with the exception and the exception is thrown.

use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Services;
use \DTS\eBaySDK\Shopping\Types;

$service = new Services\ShoppingService();

$promise = $service->geteBayTimeAsync(new Types\GeteBayTimeRequestType());

try {
    $result = $promise->wait();
} catch(\Exception $e) {
    printf("An error occurred: %s\n", $e->getMessage());

Fulfilled promises will return the previously delivered value if the wait method is called again.

$promise = $service->geteBayTimeAsync(new Types\GeteBayTimeRequestType());
$result = $promise->wait() ;
assert($result === $promise->wait());

Cancelling Promises

Call the cancell method to cancel a promise. This has no effect if the promise has already been resolved. A cancelled promise is rejected with a GuzzleHttp\Promise\RejectionException.